Book Review Policy & Disclaimer

The books I review are either provided by the author/publisher or purchased by myself (much to my husband’s dismay. There are a LOT of books in my house.)

My reviews are entirely unaffected by how I come by a book and I always give my honest opinions of what I have read.

If I receive an advance review copy of a book, I will make this clear in the review and provide release date details.

*A note on ratings*

This IS my blog, so I tend to review books that I love. There’s enough ugly in the world, why would I waste time talking about a book I don’t like? My goal is to share books I really enjoy.

As such, my reviews will lean to the enthusiastic.

That said – if I really, truly do not like a book, I will not provide a public review because I also believe that opinions are subjective, and I don’t want to put someone off a book they might actually love. (Fifty Shades of Grey, I’m looking at you with a big red editing pen.)

All my reviews are fair and constructive. As a writer myself, I appreciate the time and effort required to produce a book and will always justify any criticism I may give.