One Last NaNoWriMo Attempt with Pants(ing)

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Well, here I go again, down the same path of insanity, but this time I’m hoping for a different outcome than the last by changing up one little thing. Kind of. What is this path, you [Read On]

No Pressure, No Diamond; No Risk, No Reward

I have a drink koozie* that says: No grit, no pearl. No pressure, no diamond. In other words, no risk, no reward. I will readily confess to not being much of a risk taker (if left to my own devices). While moving to Wales DID take me out of my comfort zone – well, let’s [Read On]

It’s Media Deprivation Week. (Stop Laughing.)

I’m in a group that is working through Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. It’s a book on discovering – or recovering – your creative side, and in theory should be helpful with overcoming a creative block. This is, however, my fourth time at taking on this book, the second with this group. I’m already [Read On]

Thoughts From My Third Erma Bombeck Writers’ Conference

When I was a kid, time was measured in countdowns – how many days until summer vacation, until my birthday, until Santa came. As an adult, time is still measured the same – how many days until I turn 50 (75, should anyone want to send me chocolate), until my next hair appointment where I [Read On]

This Month I’m Participating in NaNoWriBloPoDoSomeMoMo. (I’m Writing)

The first of November brings many things: a belly ache from over-consumption of the kids’ Trick-or-Treat candy (which, surprisingly, does NOT mix well with the margaritas I consumed to survive three hours of doorbell ringing); the lethargic gathering of Halloween decorations from around the house, which will typically sit on the hall bench for another few [Read On]

In Absentia (or, Why There Are No Recent Posts)

You may have the blog has been operating in absentia, and it’s time to face up to certain realities. I’ve been in the middle of an existential crisis. Simply enough,  I have been struggling to write. Nothing feels meaningful enough to justify tapping the “publish button”. I grasp for substance. The right words slip out of reach. [Read On]

Here we go with NaBloPoMo!

Oh, the inside of my head is a very confusing, distracted place to be. I don’t function well with clutter around me. Facebook is NOT my friend. I have turned off all sounds and notifications, but I am still too easily distracted. I write better first thing in the morning – mostly – but I [Read On]

Today is My 8th Blogiversary

When I picked up my phone this morning, a calendar notice popped up. It simply said “Blogiversary (2008)”. That’s right, today is my blogiversary: the blog is officially 8 years old. I think that makes it about 64 in blog years, because in the blogging world, that’s pretty ancient, and reasonably accurate, because in general, it is [Read On]

How Erma Helped Me to Reclaim My Focus and Boot Dolores

  On the decorative cork board hanging beside my desk you’ll find this quote from Erma Bombeck: Writer’s block is just another name for putting it off. You can train yourself to shut out the world and write. – Erma Bombeck Never mind the fact that I was procrastinating when I wrote the quote for [Read On]

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