Dusting off the Cobwebs

One of the prompts on this past week’s Writer’s Workshop was: “What have you been too busy to pay attention to?” This was one that I couldn’t pass by. This one, dear friends, will write itself. The answer to this (aside from my ever expanding muffin-top) is: my blog. *sniffs* I’m slightly mortified that the [Read On]

My Life Stories…such as they are

Everyone has those stories that you tell over and over, some which you love to tell…and some which you wish no one would ever, EVER bring up again. Ever. I will admit, I must be a perfectly boring person, because I have LOADS of these stories to recount about my friends (where I was an [Read On]

Top Trends of 2011 (That I Want To Forget)

My family went to Center Parcs between Christmas and New Years for a bit of a getaway. We had a wonderful time, but I have to admit, while we were there, I saw some fashion trends that pretty much made me want to wash my brain or gouge my eyes out. Some things you just [Read On]

The life of one turkey saved. Maybe.

Today is Thanksgiving for all my American friends. However, since it is just another school day for us, combined with the fact that my Husband is on a business trip somewhere in Germany, I won’t be cooking a turkey, or anything resembling a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. (Particularly since my 5yo doesn’t really like turkey.) Somewhere [Read On]

A Painfully Awkward Trip Down Memory Lane, or, What I Wore to Prom

In what may possibly be THE singularly most embarrassing uncomfortable post in the short life of my blog, of all the possible weekly prompts for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, I chose: The prom dress. Or in this case, dresses. As I had two, and they were both horrendous hideous memorable. Oh, yes. Or, *oh.my.word* The [Read On]

I Can’t Do Math in My Head, Among Other Things

Despite the fact that I have a degree in Finance, worked for a hedge fund (and actually worked for a time on the trade desk, where we traded currencies and commodities), I can no longer do math in my head. Honestly? I think the combination of pregnancy hormones and sleep deprivation destroyed a few too [Read On]

Writer’s Workshop: Big Fat Focaccia Fail

I’ve been so good. Drinking my water and eating my veggies and fruit.   Trying to stay away from the candy dish. Saying “NO” to the luring call of the afternoon cake or a biscuit (that’s a cookie) with my tea.   Hopping around my sitting room to “Just Dance 2” (extra points for ducking [Read On]

Looking for a Receipt (and My Backbone)

Whenever the Hubs travels for business, I find myself a bit off kilter. Whenever the kidlings are on break from school, I find myself completely off schedule. Combine the two? I’m a bit off my rocker. Discombobulated. Unfocused. So when I saw Mama Kat’s writing prompts yesterday (yes, I know they come out on Tuesdays; [Read On]

Where I’m From

I am from pictures colored in a notebook, books and a flashlight under the sheets, from milk and carefully split Oreos and tents made from blankets under the dining room table. I am from the “west side”, dinners in the screened-in porch, root beer floats at the A&W drive in and the summer rain pounding [Read On]

Put a Ring on It

I love weddings. And it is guaranteed that I WILL cry at them. (I cry at baptisms, too.) True, weddings are a very emotional time for everyone….for the parents of the bride footing the bill, for the mother of the groom losing her BABY, and okay, sure, for the groom, too, but let’s face it: [Read On]