10 Things My Mother Taught Me

*Today’s post is from Mother’s Day 2011 as it’s one of my favorite Mother’s Day posts, and it still holds true. Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers who have joined the rank of “Mom”, whichever way brought you here.*   There are SO many things we learn from our mothers: to tie our shoes, [Read On]

The Best Part of My Day

The best part of my day SHOULD be when my kids walk in the door from school and I get a loving hug and we chat about how their day went over milk and cookies. That’s not quite how it works out. Sometimes, that part is a little stress-filled. Apparently, the milk and cookie scenario [Read On]

Just Go Down the Chute: An Indecisive Introvert’s Mantra

What should I be when I grow up? Do I stay an extra day while I’m on my trip? Should I rebrand the blog? I need a new Twitter handle – what should I change it to? Be it a big question (life goals) or a small one (do I get the fish or the [Read On]

Writers’ Workshop: Afraid of Heights

I was a shy, timid, anxious kid. Not surprisingly, as I have recently clarified, I am an anxious adult. I am also an introvert. Not much has changed in what I’m afraid of, because of said personality traits. I was afraid of heights. Well, it’s not so much heights I’m afraid of (I worked on [Read On]

How Erma Helped Me to Reclaim My Focus and Boot Dolores

  On the decorative cork board hanging beside my desk you’ll find this quote from Erma Bombeck: Writer’s block is just another name for putting it off. You can train yourself to shut out the world and write. – Erma Bombeck Never mind the fact that I was procrastinating when I wrote the quote for [Read On]


It’s Thursday evening, and the house is all quiet as everyone is asleep. Except for me. Re-entry to normal life after a week’s holiday in Spain, sans kids, has been more difficult than usual.  Jet lag has been more difficult to overcome – I awake each morning and fail to clear the haze that surrounds me. [Read On]

10 Sentences: Luck

“Es regalo” she said as she offered a sprig of Rosemary. “Free. For good luck.” But I knew if I accepted, she’d grab my hand to read my palm – and as she would consider a coin to be “bad luck”, the least she would accept is a €5 note. I smile and say “No gracias”, [Read On]

When I Was Younger

When I was younger, I was painfully shy and overly sensitive. I was always afraid I’d say something to make me look terribly stupid, and it didn’t take much to make me cry. I’m still an introvert and far too sensitive for a forty-something, as I never did grow a thicker skin. (Fact: crying in [Read On]

Dress Code Crazy

I appreciate the importance of school dress codes, but some of the latest rules are just crazy. Who knew that collar bones are the devil’s instruments? Apparently, bra straps are too. Leggings are distracting because they show the shape of girls’ legs – gasp – girls have legs? I’ve never heard my 11-year-old son say “Mom, I can’t understand fractions because [Read On]

8 Highs and Lows of Back to School

From the pictures proudly posted on Instagram and Facebook this week, across America moms are sending their children back to school. I’m sure once the Pinterest-inspired grade signs and handed back and the kiddos are safely on the bus or left in their new classrooms, one of two reactions could be observed: A) After keeping [Read On]

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