Wordless Wednesday – Playing With Fire

Wordless Wednesday – and with a slipper for her pillow…

Wordless Wednesday – Little Water Faerie

***** *I won this gorgeous outfit in 2007 (!!!) on a Celebrity Baby Blog giveaway. The maker is Hoenshel Couture, and I wish their website was functional at the moment because the petticoats were beyond belief! I’m still in shock that she can wear this 3 years later!

Wordless Wednesday – What’s in YOUR handbag?

ps….. Looky! More Wordless Wednesday here!

Wordless Wednesday: This is how I feel when someone/somedog wees on my floor.

Wordless Wednesday: Lip Service

Wordless Wednesday – Bad Name Choices*

*I especially appreciate the pointless use of “quotation marks”. Unless, of course, his cat does have fleas. In which case, nevermind.

Wordless Wednesday: I Don’t Know Where She Gets It From. Really.

(So it's not) Wordless Wednesday….

Ok, so there are words here. Sue me. I have a headache. Instead, take a looky at this here blog: Hungover Owls.(C’mon, you’ve thought about it, right? How all owls look kinda, well, hungover?) Seriously funny stuff…. Now, someone get me some Tylenol.

Wordless Wednesday: Sunset

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