Wordless Wednesday: After the Rain

Wordless Wednesday: Her Newest Find (Momma Said No)

Wordless Wednesday – Tenerife


Wordless Wednesday – One Sombrero

(It Should Be) Wordless Wednesday…(But It’s Not)

I had several lovely photos all picked out for Wordless Wednesday from yesterday’s St. David’s Day assembly…but then it occurred to me that my non-Welsh followers (all six of you) aren’t familiar with St. David, the patron saint of Wales, so a little background info would be helpful. St. David is the patron saint of [Read On]

(Almost*) Wordless Wednesday: Signs of Spring

*This Wordless Wednesday photo is dedicated to all my Chicago friends who likely won’t see their snow-burnt green(ish) grass until March, given the winter they’ve had so far. Everywhere you look here,  snowdrops are blooming. It’s a lovely and hopeful sight.

Wordless Wednesday: Generations and Genetics*

Gmom and Pea even stand the same way….

Wordless Wednesday – A Day out in Fishguard

Wordless Wednesday – My Favorite Christmas Ornament

Wordless Wednesday – Cold Winter Morning

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