Surviving in Subzero.

Thanks to the subzero temperatures, my entire family is holed up inside the house. Due to a teacher in-service day, my kids were already off school, so it’s not unanticipated. But the cold, and the call that there will be no school tomorrow, either, wasn’t quite in the books. (And thanks to the news that [Read On]

Project We: Winter

I’ll admit it – Winter is my least favorite season, and once Christmas is over, I’m really ready to move on to spring. I tried to convince myself that warm cozy sweaters and tall boots are my favorite things about winter, but really? Those are late fall items. And I’m a sundress and sandals kind [Read On]

What Is Christmas?

What do aliens, robots, astronauts, Postman Pat, Mary and Joseph have in common? Apparently, Boo’s school Christmas play. A definite deviation from the tried and true Nativity play, with little ones singing about “Little Lore Cheesus” (thanks for that @Hoola) and such, Key Stage 1 (which is the equivalent of US 4yr old preschoolers, kindergardeners [Read On]

The Bumpa Flyer rules!

Once upon a time, there was a little Boo – too small to ride in a regular sled – and no baby sleds available at any of the stores. My dad (the original MacGuyver) found an old booster seat and an older sled, and with a little ingenuity, the “Bumpa Flyer” was born. (Bumpa was [Read On]


Its raining.It is 50 degrees and foggy. It is two days after Christmas.In Chicago. Does anyone see the problem here? Now, normally, I’m not one to complain about 50 degrees in December. Heck, I’m not going to complain about 50 degrees at all. I’d be happy to live in a temperate, 70 degrees year round [Read On]