I’m Not Laughing

The following should be a happy, make me laugh Monday kind of post. But it’s not. (Sorry.) Because I’m a tad aggravated. I have a few clear priorities when I book a hotel: family friendly. Good location. Breakfast included. (when you’re travelling with kids, you REALLY don’t need to sort out a breakfast place, too.) [Read On]

Fill In The Blank Friday

image from http://allisonwheeler.tumblr.com/ via we heart it 1.   Blogging is my way of keeping life in perspective – and letting me laugh at my family myself. 2.  A current fashion trend I wish I was brave enough to wear is a bikini. (Ok, not a current trend, but I haven’t worn one since my honeymoon. Sorry, honey.) [Read On]

Bedtime Haiku

As a card-carrying member of the Bad Mommy club, I will admit that sometimes the best part of the day is, indeed, bedtime for my lovelies. Perhaps expressing it in Haiku will soften the thought: Crying for more books Fussy children put to bed A glass of wine, Ahhhh Or Why does mommy yell so [Read On]