(It Should Be) Wordless Wednesday…(But It’s Not)

I had several lovely photos all picked out for Wordless Wednesday from yesterday’s St. David’s Day assembly…but then it occurred to me that my non-Welsh followers (all six of you) aren’t familiar with St. David, the patron saint of Wales, so a little background info would be helpful. St. David is the patron saint of [Read On]

Wordless Wednesday – Cold Winter Morning


Well, it looks like my poor parents are trapped in my cold, drafty but lovely home yet another day…. As this is the view up the Dingle… And down the Dingle…. And more snow coming down!!! No plows on our road… Gorgeous, so long as you don’t need to be anywhere. The Hubs walked to [Read On]

Riding the Santa Train

I’ve been busy with all our end-of-term activities and pre-Christmas activities, and probably should be writing profound holiday-related posts of spirit and joy and all that other stuff. Instead, I’m going to post gratuitous photos (which should have been edited down, but neener, neener, this is my blog, get your own if you don’t like [Read On]

In which I discuss walking through the sheep field coming from town

I may have mentioned previously that one way to get to town is to walk up the Dingle, down a footpath, over a bridge, and through two fields. We end up at the Car Park in town (and the primary school). On nice (i.e., not rainy) days, this would be a good way to get [Read On]

8 things I’m looking forward to in Wales

To offset any perceived negativity found in the last post (it really was not intended as a criticism of our new home country – its just a reflection here) I thought I would start out with the top 8 things I’m looking forward to once we get to Wales: 1. The kids new school. Boo [Read On]

10 Famous People of Wales, (or, Moving to Wales)

Yes, we are moving to Wales. (Yes, Wales the country, people.) I’m surprised by the number of times I’ve had someone comment “I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone moving to Wales. England, maybe. Scottland. Not Wales. Huh.” This comment is typically followed by something along the lines of “I don’t even know of [Read On]

Counting my blessings

In the words of Dean Martin “Baby, its cold outside”. Cold, a bit snowy, but beautiful. Its a blessing to live in such a wonderously pretty place.