Summer Fete

One of the most common school fundraisers in our little corner of the UK is the “summer fete”. (That’s a school fair for those of you back home scratching your heads. Its ok to be confused. I’ve been sitting in most of the PTFA meetings with a befuddled look on my face, as a lot [Read On]


I’m lost. Just lost. Both my babies are in school, and I’ve wrapped up my part-time job back in the States – the business was growing, and I’m a ruthlessly honest gal – the boss-lady needed someone full time, and nearby.  And, really, I needed sleep. So, now I have plenty of time to sleep [Read On]

The “L” word

I’m a betting gal. And I’m betting you are thinking about a completely different “L” word than I am…. ———————————————— Today I took Pea for a haircut. The stylist is a friend of mine, and as she started trimming, she leaned in, looked at me, then nodded towards Pea’s head. “I’m sorry to say this….” [Read On]

The Birthday Party (or, "I do not do parties at home")

The upside about giving birth to your kids exactly two years (less 10 days) apart is that there is a weekend in between the birthdays – perfect for a joint party. Seriously. I planned it that way. I am a planner, and sometimes, things actually go my way. I have great respect for people who [Read On]

Frosting Fail

Pea asked for a doll cake for her birthday. JUST LIKE LAST YEARS. That was a nightmare in itself. I haven’t piped cake frosting in….eons. I had problems with the buttercream frosting (I felt like I was spackling the cake instead of frosting it.) So needless to say, I was less than enthused about the [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday – "I thought this was the address"

I live in what has been called “the town of books”. We have loads and loads of bookstores, and its fun on a quiet day to wander in and out. (And yes, I have a full wall of built-in bookshelves in my living room which has quickly filled since moving here last year) There are [Read On]

Potty Dance

Did you read that correctly? Yes, you did. Because, my darling daughter had the most amazing gift for me for our holiday in Tenerife.She peed on the potty. After a VERY successful day at preschool, I packed up the potty chart and stickers to take with us. And, shocker of shockers, she was gonna call [Read On]

Sleepy girl

Both Boo and Pea have been suffering from a horrendous cough since we’ve arrived.Boo’s is very loose; Pea’s is a dry, hacking cough. Both have been coughing all night long. My Spanish is lousy, I will confess. I wish I had learned it in high school, but as the nun teaching Spanish was the same [Read On]

Hello, Sunshine!

Day two of our great adventure to Tenerife, and things are looking up!See? While in Tenerife (which, for my American friends, is one of the Canary Islands – owned by Spain, but off the coast of Africa) we stayed at the Bitacora Hotel. If you have small or medium sized children, this is the place [Read On]

Par for the Course

See this?That is rain. HEAVY rain. And strong winds.And by strong, I mean 30-mile-an-hour. Wind. On an island known for its temperate, sunny climate. Yup. It would figure, after going through one of the snowiest winters in about 10 years or more here in the UK, we would go on holiday at a time when [Read On]