Drama Momma?

There's been a lot of drama in this Momma's house this week. At the end of it all, I've been told that I'm letting situations get blown out of proportion. That the only problem is me, and that I need to move past it. People that have pointed the finger at me, saying that things [Read On]

Fill In The Blank Friday

Hello, Friday! It’s time to fill in the blank, of a sort. This week’s prompt is something I’m still searching for…. I am patiently waiting for summer to arrive here in Wales. My sundresses hang expectantly in the closet. I’ve near forgotten the feeling of sun on my arms as I shop for new cardigans [Read On]

Upon Further Thought

With regards to my Santa list dilemma with Pea, I’m inclined to give up the battle and work with HER wish list…so long as I Santa gives her a big pad of paper, card stock, markers (washable, thankyouverymuch) and more craft supplies, because I want more creations like this: How can you say “no” when [Read On]

Fill in the Blank Friday

Welcome to my “I-didn’t-finish-this-on-Friday-so-now-it’s-the-Saturday” version of Fill In The Blank Friday! The Hubs was back in the States all week and returned home mid-day yesterday, so I didn’t quite get to finish this in a timely manner. It’s really great to have him home again. I’m also pleased to see that Blogger is cooperating again [Read On]

A Path That Shouldn’t Have Been Traveled, or I Hate Cows

In a few weeks we will be moving to a new house here in town, as our lovely landlords will be returning from Australia and need their house back. And as much as I love the quirkiness of this house, the garden, the great location, the fab neighbors and – my favorite, the amazing Stoves [Read On]

Don't call me Mr. Clean….

Confession: I am a neat freak. I like neat, orderly – and clean. Very clean. The problem with this? I am terrible at cleaning. I try, Lordy, do I try.Kind of.Sorta. Oh, balls, I’ll be honest – I hate cleaning. Unlike my friend Amy, who LURVES to mop hardwood floors (sicko) or my friend Melanie, [Read On]

Wordless Wednesday: Daddy’s girl (and Sparkles the Unicorn)

Puppy Love

I’m beside myself.  I’m finally, finally, getting a puppy. Its all my friend Nadine’s fault. But, the Hubs did agree. (He also agreed that it is mine, and he’s not helping. We’ll see how long he lasts before he succumbs to her deliciousness.) I get to take her home next week.  I’m nervous. I’m giddy. [Read On]

I'm back!!!!

I’ve been nearly without internet for 3 weeks. Three weeks people. That’s like 7 years in social media time. Seriously. Because, you see, I’m overly optimistic, and ordered my MacBook Pro about one day too late.Not realizing it was shipping from, oh, Shanghai (oops), in that 1-3 days shipping time, of course it took 3 [Read On]

Happy Fourth of July! (Or Sunday, as we know it)

Today is the Fourth of July, but there are no fireworks, no picnics, no parades. Because, here in England, they aren’t as keen on our celebration of independence from, well, them. So enjoy your barbeques, swirl your sparklers, and put in a few extra “ooohhhs” and “aaaahs” tonight at the fireworks for me. You see [Read On]

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