For the Love of a Twitter Name

On Twitter, my user name is “Mommy_grrl”.  At the time, it was a bit silly and fun. We called my daughter “Maddie-girl”, and the kids and the Hubs referred to me as “mommy-girl”, and well…. …it seemed like a good idea at the time. One new follower asked if the “grrl” meant that I was [Read On]


and I’m addicted to social media. I love Facebook as it has makes it easier to keep up with the goings on of family and friends, both those in the US and local. It has allowed me to reconnect with old friends. It even makes it easier to keep up with school closures! The games [Read On]

Temper Tantrums

I am thoroughly frustrated. Pea has been having some massively fantastic temper tantrums of late. They are not only frustrating, energy draining, and headache promoting, but they leave me feeling utterly helpless and worthless in the parental department. Getting her out the door is a battle. Getting her into her car seat, another battle. Shoes [Read On]