Hounds and Red Coats and Horses…oh my!

10:45 on the town clock in Hay signals the gathering of horses and riders for the annual Boxing Day meet. While the government’s ban on fox-hunting still remains, across the country riders gathered for (legal) Boxing Day meets and rides across the countryside.  Whatever your opinion on the hunt, you must admit that this was [Read On]

Fill in the Blank Friday – Thanksgiving

Thank GOD it is Friday – it has been such a long week, and it is only by His grace that my children have lived to see tonight that I have survived this week. I’m flabbergasted that Thanksgiving is only a week away – or, should I say, that my family back home will be [Read On]

Building Traditions

This Easter, we won’t be making our usual trip to Virginia. We are still working out alternate plans, and in the meantime, it had me thinking about the smaller, fun and funny habits and traditions that have come to be over the past few years…. This year, we started what we decided would be a [Read On]