A Painfully Awkward Trip Down Memory Lane, or, What I Wore to Prom

In what may possibly be THE singularly most embarrassing uncomfortable post in the short life of my blog, of all the possible weekly prompts for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, I chose: The prom dress. Or in this case, dresses. As I had two, and they were both horrendous hideous memorable. Oh, yes. Or, *oh.my.word* The [Read On]

Nothing Gets Past Her

Today, Pea had *another* meltdown of colossal proportions. She was having a rough time with her Rapunzel dress, it wasn’t fitting right, and apparently, this was all my fault. Isn’t it always. It ended with her yelling at me that she didn’t want me to help her, she only wanted Daddy, all day, and that [Read On]

In My Handbag I Have A….

Some say that you can tell a lot about a person by what they carry in their handbag. You’re curious, aren’t you? You want to know what is in my handbag? The simple answer is, well, everything. I am the original Girl Scout. (Forget all that stuff about Boy Scouts always being prepared. They’re just little [Read On]