Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Nothing Gets Past Her

Today, Pea had *another* meltdown of colossal proportions. She was having a rough time with her Rapunzel dress, it wasn’t fitting right, and apparently, this was all my fault. Isn’t it always. It ended with her yelling at me that she didn’t want me to help her, she only wanted Daddy, all day, and that [Read On]

No Dunce Cap Tonight (or, She’s not stupid, she’s got Character)

Macy, our new puppy, is a nightmare on a lead. Her recall? Well, she kind of has her own agenda, so she’ll come if she damn well pleases to. She jumps. She has chewed through both of my laptop cords. We won’t even discuss the excitement wees. She is also very clever, loving, clumsy and [Read On]

A Diva in the Making

The school had a Fashion Show for our fall fundraiser. Pea was asked to model. No, correct that she was asked to be “in de Fashion Show”. She came home from school, very excited: “Is dis week de Fashion Show? I’m excited to be in de Fashion Show!!! Mommy…what is a Fashion Show?” Never to [Read On]


While planning our trip to Disneyland Paris, I got a wild bug up my butt, and suggested to the Hubs, that, you know, since we were parking our car at Heathrow Airport anyway, why doesn’t he, I dunno, drop me and the kids off at Terminal 5 and we can go back to Chicago for [Read On]