I Know Its Only Tuesday…but it Feels Like A Week Of Mondays

Today was, quite simply put, a mess.  I managed to walk the dog and go to the gym before getting a call from the school asking me to come in and bring Boo some painkiller for his tooth. I took one look at him, and brought him home – he looked miserable. And when the [Read On]

10 reasons I know it is Monday

Hello, and Happy Monday. I have to say “happy Monday” because it’s been such a classic “Monday” kind of day.  All day long. How do I know it is Monday? My son woke me up from a sound sleep so that I could straighten the collar on his school uniform. 6:45 am. Huh? It was [Read On]

Wordless Wednesday: This is how I feel when someone/somedog wees on my floor.

Langland Bay

Last week  was “Healthy Week” at Hay School, and the kids participated in all kinds of athletic activities – Monday was Sports Day, and everyone from Reception to Year 6 participated in races and competitons. Tuesday saw the captain of the England Blind Football Team come to work with the kids (blindfolded) and the local karate [Read On]