When in Rome….or Hay

When by the river in Hay And you don’t have a swimsuit Sometimes, you just have to roll up your trousers And jump right in…. But sometimes, that’s just not enough….and when the little ones nearby stripped to their underpants… Mine did too! Happiness is sitting on the beach in your underpants!

Welcome to Loserville

Can you see it? The big “L” on my forehead? It is there because yesterday THIS was delivered to me (cue heavenly choir of cherubs singing): Yes. It is what you think it is. It is a cordless electric sweeper.  I know I mentioned that I was getting one in a prior post, but I’m [Read On]

Spring is sprung!

Today it hit 22 degrees Celcius – that somewhere around 72 degrees Farenheit. Practically a heat-wave, at least in the UK. And I live in a house with most of its windows painted shut – and the few that DO open don’t have screens.Say hello to my leetle friend, the fly.  I’ve been swinging and [Read On]

Find a happy place FINDAHAPPYPLACE!

After a long morning (yes, already) with my daughter Sybil…erm…Pea (I mean, is it really possible for someone to wake up whining? Apparently so, and it morphed into a 45 minute tantrum, at which point I just threw some cheerios at her and stuffed her in the car to go to school…..) Aaand, I’m rambling. [Read On]

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