Top Trends of 2011 (That I Want To Forget)

My family went to Center Parcs between Christmas and New Years for a bit of a getaway. We had a wonderful time, but I have to admit, while we were there, I saw some fashion trends that pretty much made me want to wash my brain or gouge my eyes out. Some things you just [Read On]

Bring on the New Year!

I had the best of intentions to write a round up of 2011, but really? I was off at Center Parcs, having fun with my family, and so New Years Eve day had me tied up with unpacking, sorting out the dog from the kennel, laundry…you know where this is headed…   I ran out [Read On]

The Escape Artist

Yesterday morning, Macy made another break through the hedge into the adjoining field to chase a few sheep. Not good. It is beyond frustrating, to be honest, and very scary. I certainly don’t want to find myself in the position of collecting a very dead young dog after having been (quite within his rights) shot [Read On]

10 Reasons Why I Could Not Be a Housewife From ANY County

I’ll admit it. I did watch the Real Housewives from Orange County when it first came out.  They were ditzy. They were ridiculously rich, and watching them drop thousands on a piece of jewelry – or a car for their kids – was unfathomable to me. They were, at times, ridiculous. But they weren’t overly [Read On]

I’m Not Laughing

The following should be a happy, make me laugh Monday kind of post. But it’s not. (Sorry.) Because I’m a tad aggravated. I have a few clear priorities when I book a hotel: family friendly. Good location. Breakfast included. (when you’re travelling with kids, you REALLY don’t need to sort out a breakfast place, too.) [Read On]

Dear So and So

Friday is here, and thusly, another opportunity to unload…and spread some gratitude. Read on… Dear Pea, Screaming “I don’t like it here! I want to move away” because I didn’t make you hot dogs for supper/asked you to wash your hands before dinner/asked you to stop kicking your brother will not change my mind in [Read On]

She Drives Him Crazy

Looking at Mama Kat’s list of weekly writing prompts, one jumped out at me immediately. (Actually, it reached out, grabbed my by the neck and bitch-slapped me, as if to say “oh, no – don’t go here, you’re only asking for trouble”.) Fortunately, I’m a bit slow on the uptake. Unfortunately, he’s slammed with work [Read On]

10 reasons I know it is Monday

Hello, and Happy Monday. I have to say “happy Monday” because it’s been such a classic “Monday” kind of day.  All day long. How do I know it is Monday? My son woke me up from a sound sleep so that I could straighten the collar on his school uniform. 6:45 am. Huh? It was [Read On]

By The Hair of the Dog

I’m not talking about hangover cures. I’m talking about Macy, our dog. I love my pup. She is happy, bouncy, energetic – and very, very affectionate. When I work on my laptop late at night, she curls up next to me. Sometimes her head rests on my leg. Sometimes, it is across my laptop until [Read On]

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

This morning, as Pea was getting ready, I found her in the throes of  yet another struggle with tights. It’s always something: the choice of color, the pattern and inevitably, how they don’t “fit right”. She fussed with them, and she said “Mommy I don’t like these tights. They don’t feel right.” Her whining became [Read On]

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