The Cup Song. Kind of. But not really.

I will admit, I haven’t blogged in nearly a month, and overall have been noticeably absent in 2013. Our recent move back to the US has left me feeling upside-down, I’ve been in a bit of a funk and not in a “let’s laugh at the differences” kind of way. It’s no secret that I’m [Read On]

What the…the era of my youth is VINTAGE?

Sooo…..this week’s theme for The Gallery on Tara’s Sticky Fingers blog is “Vintage”. Now, this is something that I really love, but don’t actually own a lot of. We have a lot of antiques…but…they are in storage back in Chicago, so not of much use to me for this post. And to be honest, these [Read On]

The Root of All Evil (or, the Dentist Cometh)

My Boo is the bravest little boy I know. I’m sure my UK peeps are wondering “what’s the big deal”, but I must confess that I am one who needs a hit of nitrous oxide (perhaps from something you see on before the dentist can give me a shot of Novocaine, I get so [Read On]

Fill In The Blank Friday

image from via we heart it 1.   Blogging is my way of keeping life in perspective – and letting me laugh at my family myself. 2.  A current fashion trend I wish I was brave enough to wear is a bikini. (Ok, not a current trend, but I haven’t worn one since my honeymoon. Sorry, honey.) [Read On]

oh, the pain….

I never learn. Ever. I love my kids, I really do. But take them through the double doors of ANY store wherein they will not be given toys, and they turn into creatures from the underworld. Or something. Pea is stuffed in the shopping cart seat (like me, she has delusions about how small she [Read On]

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