Southern California Vacation Giveaway

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Summer vacation is almost here for me – what about you? Do you have a fun trip planned? Would you like a chance to WIN a fun, fantastic vacation? (Of course you do!) You’re in luck! I’ve teamed up some fabulous bloggers and  Get Away Today  to bring you this [Read On]

My Husband’s 50th Birthday

Today is my husband’s 50th birthday. I’m now officially married to a geezer, as he received his AARP card application late last week. As I’m a mere 45, I’m struggling with the idea that he has hit the mid-century mark. Where have the last ten years gone? And while the increase of “wisdom” in his [Read On]

Silent Sunday


Scruffy Face; or, too much Monty Python will warp your brain.

Over the weekend, the Hubs did not shave. The kids haven’t seen such a scruffy face in a long time, and commented on it over dinner on Monday night. He said “Do you think I should grow out my beard over Christmas break? I’ll look really scruffy, then!” To which I replied “or a lumberjack!” [Read On]