The Gallery: Hands

Is it really possible for anyone to eat Hula Hoops and not do this? I don’t think so.   It doesn’t matter your age, some things will always make you feel six years old again.   * * * * * This is week 103 of The Gallery: Hands.        

The Gallery: Family

After the initial adjustment period ends, the hardest part about moving overseas isn’t the differences in language, driving on the “wrong” side of the road, different food at the market (or different names for common foods). No, the hardest part about moving overseas is being so far away from family. We’ve been fortunate that our [Read On]

The Gallery – Sunshine

Spring? Was that spring? Rain, cold, gray, windy….most of April and May felt like an extension of  winter here in Wales. So this past week – full of warm weather, sunshine and blue skies? It’s been pretty darn fantastic. Practically felt like summer. Kinda makes a girl want to get outside and play. Did you [Read On]

The Gallery – Picture Postcard

I am a self-confessed photo junkie. My children are quite used to hearing “wait a minute, Mummy needs her camera” and “oooh, smile for me!”.  When I grow up, I’d like to be a photographer. Or a picture book illustrator. Or a baker…. But for now, I just take pictures for fun. A lot of [Read On]

The Gallery: Morning

I had to capture my happy, smiling daughter as she got ready for school one morning this past week. In all honesty, Pea is NOT a morning person, at least, not on any days where we have to wake her up. (If she wakes up on her own, she is cheerful as the birds.) This [Read On]

The Gallery: Light

The sun has been shining brightly the past few days, and while it is a GLORIOUS thing to see, the bright light means I have to plan my photo outings more carefully.  Too close to mid-day and the light moves beyond bright to glaring and harsh, and I lose all the lovely contrasts and shadows. [Read On]

The Gallery: Landscapes

I love the view from my back garden. The garden itself is very different from the last house we lived in – it being a more traditional English garden setting, full of flowers and beds, had high walls, so we didn’t need to look beyond much.  This one is, well, pretty darn bare. It looks [Read On]

A Family Story

I’m really grumpy with Tara at Sticky Fingers this last week. Her Gallery theme – the Family Story – was a bit nightmarish, and not just because any family photos that basically predate my kids are in storage in Chicago. (A stupid move, I know….) Telling a family story in just one picture? :sighs:  My [Read On]

The Gallery: Me. Right Now.

 Oh, how I hate seeing pictures of myself. This works out that I don’t actually take many of my self, and if I do (and can manage it) they are edited to the point of practically not being me.  So when I saw Tara’s Gallery theme this week…I’ll be honest – I cringed.  And about [Read On]

The Gallery: My Photography Resolution

I hate resolutions, mostly because I don’t stick to them. Still, I can’t be mad at Tara for making this week’s theme for The Gallery “My Photography Resolution” because I’m pretty sure I kind of made a similar one already. And no, I’m not doing so well with it, either. However, in that same post, [Read On]