The Gallery: New

New year. New country. New schools. New minivan (on the other side of the road.) There has been lots of change for us thus far in 2013. The kids are adjusting to new teachers, a different curriculum, much, much more homework, making new friends…. …but one of the toughest “new” aspects is found within the [Read On]

The Gallery: Eyes

How knowing, how trusting was the look in the eyes of my newborn son. How that struck such joy and terror at the same time. As much love as I felt for him, the first twinges of “can I do this?” were setting in. Those eyes of his were so shiny, bright, wide and full [Read On]

The Gallery: Books

I love to really. Really, really love to read. When I was young, my mom had to force me to go outside to play, although I’d much rather have been curled up with a book. That hasn’t much changed. I still have some of those books. Well, I have some – the full set of [Read On]

The Gallery: Emotion

We are emotional creatures. This is true. Happiness. Sadness. Joy. Despair. We feel so deeply. So imagine how it must be to those who don’t understand emotions. Or cannot control them. Little things are heartbreaking. The smallest thing can cause the hugest frustration. It’s no different for mine, but in particular, for Pea. Like everyone, [Read On]

The Gallery: Sport

Right now, the word “sport” can only conjure up one word: “Olympics”. We’ve been glued to the TV more than normal, rooting on sporting events I’d normally not spend twenty seconds watching (no offense, shot putters and women’s weightlifting). Even this weekend in Cardiff, where we had travelled to watch two quarter-final football matches, instead [Read On]

The Gallery: Street Photography

We spent Tuesday morning exploring Avignon, which is steeped in history. What kept drawing my eyes the most was the riot of colors of the playbills posted in every inch of available space. I'm sure when my husband sees my holiday photos, he'll wonder what I was thinking…       Along with the playbills,tee [Read On]

The Gallery: Delicate

This week’s Gallery theme is “Delicate”. I could take the obvious route with this one and post a photo of a fading flower, or a dew-kissed spiderweb in the early morning hours, but as I’m just returning from a two-week holiday, the first week of which was in an environment that posed its own unique [Read On]

The Gallery: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Over the course of the past three years, we have travelled a lot, on both planes, trains and in automobiles. It’s safe to say that we’ve racked up the most miles via airplane. Some of these have been traveling around Europe – because, honestly, it’s a shorter flight from London (or Birmingham) to Paris than [Read On]

The Gallery: Food

My mother-in-law and her partner are frequent travelers. On their return, Marty always prepares a slide show of sorts of all the photos that he has taken. Always, always there will be photos of the meals they have eaten. He’s good that way. Me? I always think about it about halfway through a really amazing [Read On]

The Gallery: The Everyday

It’s not only the special occasions that inspire me, often I find it in the everyday. Be it on my daily walks with the dog… Or catching Pea in all her bed-headed glory… Or Boo on his perpetual tractor watch… or finding Pea, who always has a marker or crayon in hand…. Or catching the [Read On]

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