Silent Sunday

Make Me Laugh Monday – What Turns My Stomach

I consider myself to have a fairly strong stomach. I have changed fully blown out diapers that leave poo up my then-baby son’s back and down his legs, with a stench strong enough to strip wallpaper. I have cleaned regurgitated sheep poo off of my lovely sitting room area rug. I have caught vomit in [Read On]

The Root of All Evil (or, the Dentist Cometh)

My Boo is the bravest little boy I know. I’m sure my UK peeps are wondering “what’s the big deal”, but I must confess that I am one who needs a hit of nitrous oxide before the dentist can give me a shot of Novocaine, I get so nervous. Yes, we Americans are pampered a [Read On]

I love the UK

Forget about the dark beers. The sausages. The endless green grass. (which, in reality, exists because of the endless rain.) Reruns of “Are you Being Served”, “Blackadder” and “Dr. Who”. English muffins and crumpets. Robert Pattinson (go Team Edward!) and Ewan McGregor (swoon).Yes, its all lovely stuff. No. I have a newfound love for the [Read On]