She’s No Angel

Oh, she looks like an angel. Don’t let that halo fool you. She has a temper. Right after the photo was taken, the Hubs asked her if she wanted to go outside to play a little footie with him and her brother. I told her that she had to change out of her Christmas play [Read On]

A Brief Question for a Tuesday Morning

It’s only 8:30 on the second day of school, and already, I’m eyeballing the Baileys. Has it ever crossed your mind that the tantrums you endure could be a harbinger of something worse to come? Like being killed in your sleep, suffocated by a stuffed unicorn named Pinky? Yeah, me neither. I don’t know what [Read On]

Nothing Gets Past Her

Today, Pea had *another* meltdown of colossal proportions. She was having a rough time with her Rapunzel dress, it wasn’t fitting right, and apparently, this was all my fault. Isn’t it always. It ended with her yelling at me that she didn’t want me to help her, she only wanted Daddy, all day, and that [Read On]

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

This morning, as Pea was getting ready, I found her in the throes of  yet another struggle with tights. It’s always something: the choice of color, the pattern and inevitably, how they don’t “fit right”. She fussed with them, and she said “Mommy I don’t like these tights. They don’t feel right.” Her whining became [Read On]

Sock Hell

I’m jumping on board Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. One of the prompts for today was to write about socks. (Ok, so it was supposed to be a funny story about socks.) I’m sure it will be, to you. In fact, I’m sure that in about – oh, say – 10 years, it will be to me [Read On]

Motherhood is a Blessing. Right?

I love my kids. I really do. But somedays (like every morning at 8am) they can drive me absolutely mad. Cuckoo.Nutso. And, really, when I say “they”, I mean Pea. (I’m just trying to stay fair and not single one out, but I can’t). My daughter is a sight to behold in the mornings. Seriously, [Read On]

Temper Tantrums

I am thoroughly frustrated. Pea has been having some massively fantastic temper tantrums of late. They are not only frustrating, energy draining, and headache promoting, but they leave me feeling utterly helpless and worthless in the parental department. Getting her out the door is a battle. Getting her into her car seat, another battle. Shoes [Read On]