Safety Town

We have a great educational summer program here for 5- and 6-year olds called “Safety Town”. A two-week half-day “camp” of sorts, it teaches kids safety lessons in fun and hands-on activities. Boo and one of his best buds. What a great way for your kids to learn about fire, water, bike, car, pedestrian, poison, [Read On]

The Joy of Motherhood

The best part about being a mom, to me, is getting to relive my childhood again. No, not through my children – that is what the mom’s on TLC’s show “Toddlers and Tiaras” – but with them. Hanging out with them on the playground. Dancing in the living room. (Boo particularly likes Billy Idol’s “Dancing [Read On]

Who is the coolest Momma in town? (Me)

No one could be happier than this momma that the weather is warm and we have wonderfully sunny days to play outside in…with the exception of my kids, perhaps. Because they finally get to jump outside in their jumpy house! The first day they jumped in it, Pea climbed out no less than 6 times [Read On]

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