She Was Grace Under Pressure

Recently on Interstate-90, just south of where I live, a woman named Heidi Conner was cruising along in her minivan with her kids. As she drove underneath an overpass, a deer came crashing through her windshield. Witnesses confirmed it had jumped OFF of the overpass. Yes. It dropped in from the sky. Kind of. In [Read On]

I’m Not Laughing

The following should be a happy, make me laugh Monday kind of post. But it’s not. (Sorry.) Because I’m a tad aggravated. I have a few clear priorities when I book a hotel: family friendly. Good location. Breakfast included. (when you’re travelling with kids, you REALLY don’t need to sort out a breakfast place, too.) [Read On]

Drinks are on Me!

To look at my bulk mailbox, I will never again have to work a day in my life. First – there’s the long-lost relatives. Honestly, I did not know that I had so many deceased relatives in Nigeria, let alone those who have willed me money. I mean, a lot of relatives on my mom’s [Read On]

Education and the Interwebz – the Ugly

I don’t know whether to be shocked at the gall of this – or the utter stupidity. Because, you know, all the best writers hang out on Craigslist.