Taking the Sting Out

Earlier this week the neighboring farmer came down our lane with the hedge trimmer and trimmed the hedgerow. This was very good for the paint job on my car. Unfortunately, it also exposed some massive wasps nests in the ground under some of the hedges. And when I say massive, I mean MASSIVE. Hubcap sized, [Read On]

10 Reasons Why I Could Not Be a Housewife From ANY County

I’ll admit it. I did watch the Real Housewives from Orange County when it first came out.  They were ditzy. They were ridiculously rich, and watching them drop thousands on a piece of jewelry – or a car for their kids – was unfathomable to me. They were, at times, ridiculous. But they weren’t overly [Read On]

Meet Big Head Dolly (otherwise known as “Nancy”)

On her fifth birthday, Pea received a lovely gift from Mimi: For a while, Pea simply referred to her as “Big Head Dolly”. Not very personal, but apt. I suggested that maybe she should find Big Head Dolly a name. She said she’d think about it. At first glance, Big Head Dolly has a very [Read On]

Drinks are on Me!

To look at my bulk mailbox, I will never again have to work a day in my life. First – there’s the long-lost relatives. Honestly, I did not know that I had so many deceased relatives in Nigeria, let alone those who have willed me money. I mean, a lot of relatives on my mom’s [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday – Oh, the Things These Eyes Have Seen

I realize that some Europeans may well consider that Americans are….prudes when it comes to swimwear and/or nudity. Let me tell you, given what I have seen today, this is NOT a bad thing. I would have appreciated a shared sentiment of prudishness when I saw the 60+ nana poolside…topless. Or the very, very, VERY [Read On]

Puppy Love

Walking to the car with Pea last week, she looked at me and said, “I’m going to marry Huw.” Well, this was news to me. I thought she was going to marry Alfie when they grow up. I don’t know how much say Alfie had in this, so I’m not sure how he’ll feel about [Read On]

10 reasons I know it is Monday

Hello, and Happy Monday. I have to say “happy Monday” because it’s been such a classic “Monday” kind of day.  All day long. How do I know it is Monday? My son woke me up from a sound sleep so that I could straighten the collar on his school uniform. 6:45 am. Huh? It was [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday….Please

My husband is in another country on business. My dog is totally nutters at the moment. (Yes, she is a spaniel, so this is expected, but she is more loopy than normal today.) She’s eaten my daughter’s headband, a truck, a football…oh yes, and a rope toy, which she regurgitated – and then brought back [Read On]

Monday Mishmash

It’s Monday, and a cold, snowy, blowy one at that. A day made for staying curled up on the sofa, huddled under a blanket, with a hot cup of tea, a good book and a snuggly puppy to warm my feet. (insert sound of needle scratching across a record) Except that the bouncy puppy needs [Read On]

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