She Was Grace Under Pressure

Recently on Interstate-90, just south of where I live, a woman named Heidi Conner was cruising along in her minivan with her kids. As she drove underneath an overpass, a deer came crashing through her windshield. Witnesses confirmed it had jumped OFF of the overpass. Yes. It dropped in from the sky. Kind of. In [Read On]

Resolution Schmezolution

I suck at keeping New Year’s resolutions. (Including, obviously, the one I make every year to quit swearing.) This year, I’m not going to resolve to lose weight (despite the fact that I am really, REALLY looking forward to joining a big, impersonal fitness center just as soon as the kids go back to school [Read On]

Just Stick Her in the Shed

I read an article today about authorities recently discovered a body stored in a Clearwater, Florida storage unit. Apparently, the unit’s renter was behind on fees, and when owners notified them that they’d be selling off the contents, she said “My grandmother is in that storage unit.” Now, at this point in the article, I’m [Read On]

You Leave The House for Five Minutes, and You Get Invaded By Pirates

One morning over the holiday, I ran to the market.   I was accosted coming in the door.     I think they had a good time!!!!

Tooth Fairies

You’ve likely never seen a child more excited to have lost a tooth. Pea was giddy – GIDDY, I tell you. This is a “Yay, the Tooth Fairy is coming” kind of moment. She lost her tooth, as one does sometimes, while she was at school. Well, lost isn’t exactly the word, since she pulled [Read On]

Several trees will be killed this Christmas. I’m sure natural resources were wasted in the writing of this post, too. Sorry.

This year, as always, I am mailing out Christmas cards. I’m sure a few trees were felled in sacrifice. No, it’s not very “green”. Yes, it is wasteful. I apologize for making people feel guilty for throwing out the cards at the end of the holiday. (Trust me, I’m not offended.) It does take up [Read On]

I Can’t Do Math in My Head, Among Other Things

Despite the fact that I have a degree in Finance, worked for a hedge fund (and actually worked for a time on the trade desk, where we traded currencies and commodities), I can no longer do math in my head. Honestly? I think the combination of pregnancy hormones and sleep deprivation destroyed a few too [Read On]

Where I’m From

I am from pictures colored in a notebook, books and a flashlight under the sheets, from milk and carefully split Oreos and tents made from blankets under the dining room table. I am from the “west side”, dinners in the screened-in porch, root beer floats at the A&W drive in and the summer rain pounding [Read On]

The Escape Artist

Yesterday morning, Macy made another break through the hedge into the adjoining field to chase a few sheep. Not good. It is beyond frustrating, to be honest, and very scary. I certainly don’t want to find myself in the position of collecting a very dead young dog after having been (quite within his rights) shot [Read On]

If it Makes Me Hip, Does My Hybrid Makes My Butt Look Big?

As someone who never learned to drive a manual transmission*, driving an automatic car in the UK could be a costly undertaking, what with petrol (that’s gasoline to my American peeps) running about £3.60 a litre. That’s right, a litre. (You do the math, my whiny American friends – that works out to roughly (mumbling)…3.69 [Read On]

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