Sick Day

I’ve been blessed with incredibly healthy kids, to be honest. Until Maddie had a kidney infection last fall, she’d never been really ill, never been prescribed medication. However, new country, maybe new germs that their little bodies have to adjust to. Boo has had a wretched cough, which only got really bad on the airplane [Read On]

sick princess

As if a 17 hour drive isn’t bad enough, getting sick in the first 5 hours makes it REALLY long. I didn’t even hear Pea get sick. I heard a cough, and Boo shouted “She threw up. Its all in her blankie! Ewww”. Yes, the girl caught all of it in her beloved blankie. Getting [Read On]

The Literal Preschooler, Part 2

So I’ve discussed previously how literal Sam can be. (I am not going into how he is also obsessing about the police coming to get him, and the constant questioning of whether a specific action will make the police come – I’m beyond my limit with that line of queries.) This past week in school, [Read On]