Fill in the Blank Friday

If there ever was a week to say “TGIF”, this one is it. I’m ready for the weekend. Really. And since yesterday was Thanksgiving, of course Lauren has some fun Turkey Day and Black Friday related blanks to play with…. so let’s go fill in some blanks! 1.   Waking up at the break of dawn to [Read On]

Fill in the Blanks Friday – Shopping is Fun

As today is Black Friday in the U.S., today’s blanks are all about shopping! (Here in the U.K., I’m sitting with Pea on the sofa, watching Aladdin and eating a snack as school closed early due to snow…. But I’m thinking of all of you in the States, up at the crack of dawn (right [Read On]

Shopping in the UK

I’m so used to overaggressive salespeople in the US pouncing on you the minute you walk in the door that shopping in the UK has taken some adjustment. Normally accosted when entering a shop (especially a boutique), I was initially taken aback when I walked in and around clothing shops and was completely ignored. Its [Read On]

Shopping, revisited

Moving here, I was warned that shopping would be a totally different thing – options would be much less, stores far away, everything a drive….blah, blah, blah. Perhaps 10 years ago, this would have been an issue. You see, I think all the nay-sayers forgot about the internet. And forgot about how small, really, the [Read On]