A dog of a day

I’m going to write about something pointless and only mildly annoying, because i have more annoying things…um…annoying me, and i am trying not to think of them, lest my head explodes. Or something. This is my back garden. (There isn’t much “garden” to our garden, true.)On the other side of those hedges, there are sheep [Read On]

Extreme Shepherding

We see a lot of sheep in our drives around Hay.However, I’ve not seen anything like this… (wait for it to load) Is it borne of boredom? Or genius?Either way, its brilliant!

In which I discuss walking through the sheep field coming from town

I may have mentioned previously that one way to get to town is to walk up the Dingle, down a footpath, over a bridge, and through two fields. We end up at the Car Park in town (and the primary school). On nice (i.e., not rainy) days, this would be a good way to get [Read On]