Some Things Never Change

School these days – boy, things are different. We learned to type on typewriters. In high school.  My children are learning to type on laptops, in kindergarden. We learned addition and subtraction. My kids are doing things like “Number bonds” and “chunking”. We had hot cooked meals and homemade desserts. (Ok, so MY kids still [Read On]

Off To School

Today was the first day of school for my kidlings. Mean mom that I am, I insisted that I take Boo to school – to walk him to his new classroom, check out where he hangs his backpack and stores his book bag – since it will be a rare occasion that he lets me [Read On]

Maybe not so much Mad as Sad.

Each night at dinner, we share the worst part, and then the best part of our day. Its a lovely tradition that initiates conversation at the dinner table that we may not ordinarily get to hear. (How many times have you asked “what did you do today?” to which the response has been “Nothing”???) Anyways…. [Read On]

Beach Day in February

(Warning: gratuitous photo blog post for grandmothers ahead) Its beach day! Well, not for real – just for Pea at preschool. I found it kind of hard to get in the spirit, given that it is about 24 degrees outside today, but she is certainly excited! Just check out that grin! (and note the remaining [Read On]

A Valentine's Celebration!

Sam had his Valentine’s Party at school today. First, they played some bingo, using Sweetheart Candy as the markers. (I’m impressed that none were eaten – really!) I’m more impressed that Sam was totally cool with not winning. Then, they had a yummy treat! (Yes, let’s just get them really sugared up before lunch….) Their [Read On]

A thought before bedtime…

“Mommy, why do we have to watch out for fall germs?” “Ummm. Fall germs? What are those?” (mommy plays innocent – instead of stupid) “The germs that come in the fall.” “Well, sweetie, there are all types of germs, but they aren’t for just one season. Where did you hear of fall germs?” “At school*, [Read On]