Saturday is Caption Day!

Happy Saturday! Never mind the rain outside, it’s Caption Day! Since I’ve been holed up in the house all week my camera hasn’t seen much action, so I’m digging DEEP into the photo archives for this week’s captioning subject. (I’ve always wondered what Boo was thinking at this precise moment….) So go ahead, give me [Read On]

Saturday is Caption Day

At the Hay Festival earlier this week, Pea discovered this BIG head, a gift to the Festival from Mexico. (Wouldn’t a cake have done just as well?) Pea found it quite grouchy looking, and I think their shared expression needs a caption!!!   Now, head on over to Mammasaurus for more captioning fun!

Saturday is Caption Day!

I caught my daughter hamming it up at National Sea Life Aquarium in Birmingham recently. This one is begging for a caption so give it your best go! If you aren’t captioned out, the head back to  Mammsaurus for more captioning fun!!!

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