Rock on, Sam!

Sam is our little rocker and an imaginative boy. He’s never needed fancy instruments – in a pinch, a garden rake or even a story book will suffice for a guitar, (he plays a mean air guitar, too, just don’t call it that) and a tee-ball stand for a microphone. The front steps make an [Read On]

Papa's gift

My dad is the original “McGuyver”. He can find a simple solution to what seems to be an impossible problem – the kind that makes you smack yourself upside the head and revert to your 10-year-old kind of response: “Duh”. As you may know, Sam is going to be a rock and roller when he [Read On]

Cover – Boy?

A guitar lesson was cancelled last week due to a scheduling conflict at the middle school where we meet. Today we were to make up the missed lesson at the home of a fellow guitar student. As usual, I was having difficulty lighting a fire under Sam’s behind to get him moving. “C’mon Sam, let’s [Read On]

Jingle Bel-dens!

Yahoo! As they say, the 3rd time is a charm…. Today, we went to see Santa at the mall. Maddie was mildly disinterested in the idea until we picked Sam up from school, and he showed excitement at the idea. He had lots of questions on the trip, mostly along the lines of “What will [Read On]

Guitar man

A glimpse of things to come? When Sam grows up, he says he will be a rock ‘n roller and play guitar, piano and drums. Let’s hope he learns to play the guitar quietly! Then again, he also told me today that he will live with me forever. And that he wasn’t going to school [Read On]

The Literal Preschooler, Part 2

So I’ve discussed previously how literal Sam can be. (I am not going into how he is also obsessing about the police coming to get him, and the constant questioning of whether a specific action will make the police come – I’m beyond my limit with that line of queries.) This past week in school, [Read On]

The Literal Preschooler

Its amazing what kids take in – and how much they retain. And how literal my son can be! Last Friday at preschool, Father Al joined Sam’s class, and they talked (per my conversation with Sam) about how God made all of us, and about how much he loves us. Evidentally, he also talked about [Read On]

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