Two Twisty-Turny Psychological Thrillers

When the world feels upside down and my anxiety is through the roof, a fast-paced, tense roller-coaster of a psychological thriller through which I can funnel and filter that anxiety is often  just the thing I need. Forget a gentle, happy book. I need to work through my jitters and restlessness. In this case, I have just [Read On]

Book Review: For the Record by Regina Jennings

FOR THE RECORD by Regina Jennings     Genre: Historical Romance / Christian Publisher: Bethany House Date of Publication: December 6, 2015 Number of Pages: 336   Scroll down for Giveaway! Rather Than Wait for a Hero,  She Decided to Create One Betsy Huckabee has big-city dreams, but nobody outside of tiny Pine Gap, Missouri, [Read On]

HoHoHo Holiday Read-a-thon Preview

  While Halloween is still a recent memory and we’re not even to Thanksgiving – and fall weather is only beginning here in Texas – my neighbors are already putting up Christmas lights and I’m reading holiday-themed books! Starting November 9 and running through November 15, I’ll be taking part in the HoHoHo Holiday/Winter Themed Read-a-thon! [Read On]

Birds of Paradise Exhibit at the Perot Museum

*I was invited to a media day preview of the Birds of Paradise exhibition at the Perot Museum.* I love checking out what is new at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science- it is a guilty pleasure to sneak downtown while the kids are in school and wander on my own. Yes, the kids [Read On]

Oh, How The Years Fly By (A Whimsical Coloring Journey)

Oh, how the years fly by! A whimsical coloring journey. . . & A whimsical inspirational journey . . . by Annette Bridges Genre: Inspirational Adult Coloring & Quote Books Date of Publication: August 1, 2016 Publisher: Ranch House Press # of pages: 72   Scroll down for Giveaway!   Oh, how the years fly [Read On]

Favorite Book Picks for Fall Reading

Summer vacation is but a memory as  kids are back to school, fall weather is looming and Christmas decorations are popping up in stores.  (Believe it or not, my Kindle is quickly filling with Christmas-themed books for holiday season reviews – hard to get in the mood, too, when it’s 94 degrees and I’m sweating on [Read On]

Book Review: Bury the Living

I’m drawn to historical fiction, and I’m a sucker for a bit of the paranormal or contemporary fantasy. I’m also a fan of Jodi McIsaac’s Thin Veil series and as well as her thriller “A Cure for Madness” (which I’m sure she wrote into a full novel after I insisted in my Amazon review that [Read On]

Treatsie Artisan Sweets Subscription Box Review!

I love subscription boxes, so when Treatsie reached out to ask if I wanted to check out their monthly artisan sweets subscription box in exchange for sharing my thoughts, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Because treats in the mail? Yes, please.   Treats delivered to my door in a box that looks like my craft subscription boxes [Read On]

Tuesday’s Read: Seashell Season

What do you do when your one long-held hope is finally realized – and it’s nothing like you expected? What happens when you find out that most of your life has been a lie? Intrigued? Holly Chamberlain’s newest novel, Seashell Season, tackles this and more in a book that will tug on your heartstrings. When [Read On]

Two Middle Grade Books for Summer Reading

My 10-year old is an avid reader, and her reading pile is ALMOST as tall as mine. We both have a problem walking away from a tempting book (and what a good problem to have), particularly as we are both making sure we are set for summer reading. Of all the books we’ve both read lately, two [Read On]