Fourth of July Drink Roundup

Happy Independence Day! We have big plans tonight to head to Freedom Fest before the FC Dallas game, and then watch the fireworks from the stadium.  Since we won’t actually be home, I ditched my  plans to do a holiday drink video, also because my liquor cabinet basically contains varied flavors and brands of vodka and an unopened [Read On]

Fourth of July Twinkie Cake

If you are a follower of a Paleo or whole foods lifestyle, look away. I’ll be back with a fun drink ice or post momentarily, but for now, I’d like to talk about a dessert that includes ingredients that do not fall on your super healthy shopping list. This is a FUN dessert with some [Read On]

Chocolate Eclair Dessert

Some foods can bring to mind a moment or a memory with the very first bite. My mother had such a recipe. It was a chocolate eclair dessert, and it seemed to me that it was really only ever made for special occasions – mostly holiday potlucks or family picnics. (Ok – I may have asked [Read On]

Oatmeal Carmelitas!

Some time back in the ’90s, I was the only female on an otherwise all-male trade execution desk for a major brokerage firm. I liked to bake but didn’t have roommates for a time, and I sure didn’t need to eat all that sugary goodness on my own, so I routinely brought my bounty into [Read On]

Thai Pork with Peanut Sauce

I’m lucky. My kidlings are tweens/teens now and are completely capable of entertaining themselves, so a snow day (or two) doesn’t seem to be the challenge that it once was when they were younger. We hang out in our PJs, they make their own snacks, and it’s all quite low-key if I can keep the [Read On]

A Lazy Family Movie Day with a Lazy Day Meal

The kids were off school yesterday thanks to a teacher in-service and we all did next to nothing, aside from a few small things to make it LOOK like I had done a lot of work. We all slept in, except for the Hubs who did have to go to work. Bless him, he didn’t [Read On]

Some Kind Of Cake

There is something about being holed up inside the house, fingers curled around a hot cup of tea for both heat and caffeine, a worn afghan wound around your legs,  while the wind blows wildly outside, slipping through unseen gaps in the windows as snowflakes swirl in hazy late afternoon light . There is something [Read On]

Friday on the Rocks – It’s Pimm’s O’Clock!

Happy Friday! Just as a heat wave is broiling Chicagoland, we've been baking over here while on holiday in the UK. I might argue that we are a bit worse off here, as so far I've found air conditioning only in the chemist's shop. Another thing that you generally won't find here is window screens, [Read On]

Friday on the Rocks – Pomegranate Martinis

Forgive the dust around here, we are knee deep in repairs and lightening speed house painting as we get ready to move back into our house next week. It’s been a bit manic and overwhelming, to say the least. After being gone for four years, opening up all the boxes from the storage unit will [Read On]

Friday On the Rocks – Mango White Sangria

Of the many things you may know about me, one fact that you don’t know is that I tended bar in college. The place where I worked was a combination nightclub/bowling alley/outdoor bar with sand volleyball courts. We wore white tuxedo shirts with bow ties and cumberbunds (even for the ever popular “teen night”. I [Read On]