Yesterday morning, Pea slept in because she was poorly. Our spaniel Macy bounced in the midst of the chaos that occurs as jackets are put on, keys jingle in hand, bookbags are sorted, and the Hubs and Boo depart for the day. I settled into tidying the kitchen despite not having eaten; I thought I’d [Read On]

The Escape Artist

Yesterday morning, Macy made another break through the hedge into the adjoining field to chase a few sheep. Not good. It is beyond frustrating, to be honest, and very scary. I certainly don’t want to find myself in the position of collecting a very dead young dog after having been (quite within his rights) shot [Read On]

Rocket dog

There is one distinct benefit my puppy enjoys here that she would not enjoy back in the States: off-lead (that’s a leash to my US peeps) walking. Or, should I say – off-lead running. She loves to go for a walk through the fields, but all this recent snow? It makes her crazy. She loves [Read On]

No Dunce Cap Tonight (or, She’s not stupid, she’s got Character)

Macy, our new puppy, is a nightmare on a lead. Her recall? Well, she kind of has her own agenda, so she’ll come if she damn well pleases to. She jumps. She has chewed through both of my laptop cords. We won’t even discuss the excitement wees. She is also very clever, loving, clumsy and [Read On]

Happy Puppy Wee

I’m a “wee” late for Mama Kat’s writing challenge, but I’m adding my submission anyway.  My prompt of choice was to write about my pet’s least likeable character trait. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, that one. Macy – still a puppy – experiences “excitement” wees. Don’t get me wrong – she was housebroken in record time, [Read On]

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