Jumping with Joy (and No Worries)

Oh, the dangers of laughing, coughing, jumping or running if you’re a girl like me. But guess what? My worries are gone and I’m jumping with joy! #lifeafterleaks #ad

Protect our Athlete’s Noggins with Remove From Play Testing.

When my son got into the minivan after training last week, his 11-year-old face was streaked with worry for a fellow teammate. “He hit his head on the goalpost tonight. Right on the temple! I could hear it. He was down for like, two minutes. What if he has a concussion?” My kiddo and his friend and [Read On]

Check out Minted for Calendars & Other Gifts!

The trouble with procrastination is that sometimes you just can’t ever catch up. When we moved back to the US in December 2012, life was pretty much upside down for a while. The calendar I had at the time included an extra month, so it ran through January, and it still took me a while to [Read On]

Urban Adventure Questing in San Antonio

Every city has its big attractions and in the rush to see everything you might miss out on some of the hidden gems.  We recently discovered a great number of interesting details as we explored San Antonio via Urban Adventure Quest. An Urban Adventure Quest is a bit like a small-scale version of “The Amazing Race” – [Read On]

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