In Her World….

Last night at dinner, the kids were making up stories. Pea begain with “I’m a princess…” and Boo interrupted with “You always say you’re a princess…but you’re not a princess!!!!” to which Pea primly replied, “In my world, I am!!!” Gotta love that girl….

Silent Sunday

The Gallery: Have Bags, Will Travel

I love to travel. Love. It. At least, I did, when I was on my own…or with the Hubs. Then, we had babies. Traveling with babies can be like traversing the 6th level of hell, especially with babies that are slaves to routine. And, let’s face it, you can’t throw a handful of clothes in [Read On]

Stormin’ the castle….

Today we took in yet another Welsh castle ruins. This one also had a recently restored manor house on the grounds. It was a beautiful sunny day, with a light breeze, and we were intent on enjoying every minute of it. I think my husband is intent on exploring EVERY castle within driving distance. It [Read On]

Its a bird, its a flying Barbie, no, its: Super Maddie!

The depths of Pea’s dress up box is unimaginable. I have no problem letting her wear her costumes wherever, assuming they are appropriate (I draw the line at dress-up clothes at Church). There aren’t too many opportunities for kids to make decisions for themselves (hence our struggles in potty training, but that is a different [Read On]

Fairytales don't always have happy endings

The picture says it all:

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