Some Days

Some days you wake up with big plans for the day. Goals, people. A timeline. Things to do. And then ONE comment derails you. Sets the wheels in your head spinning. Or grinding to a halt. (I'm indecisive about my metaphors. Shoot me. It's been that kind of day.) The upbeat mood you woke up [Read On]

So Why Can’t She Remember to Turn Off Her Bedroom Light?

The other day,  as I was loading up the dishwasher I noticed Pea gazing at me thoughtfully. “Mummy…” she began. I put the last plate in the drawer and turned to listen to her. She had “the look” on her face – the one she wears when she has contemplating something and I was curious [Read On]

My Life Stories…such as they are

Everyone has those stories that you tell over and over, some which you love to tell…and some which you wish no one would ever, EVER bring up again. Ever. I will admit, I must be a perfectly boring person, because I have LOADS of these stories to recount about my friends (where I was an [Read On]

I Hope He Was Only Expecting Coal in his Stocking

Yesterday Boo and I messed around with the Photo Booth app on my Mac. After a while, he peered at the screen, critically eyeing my image and particularly, my hair. “Mom, remember when your hair was short?” “I do, Boo.” “It didn’t look so nice then.” * crickets chirping * * * * * * [Read On]

A dog of a day

I’m going to write about something pointless and only mildly annoying, because i have more annoying things…um…annoying me, and i am trying not to think of them, lest my head explodes. Or something. This is my back garden. (There isn’t much “garden” to our garden, true.)On the other side of those hedges, there are sheep [Read On]

In Which I Answer a Question (and Thusly Prove I Shouldn’t Vlog)

I will admit, I am pretty awed by the bloggers out there who produce really fun content via VLOGGING. Jenny on the Spot, June Cleaver Nirvana, Mommy Words – I don’t know where to start – they rock at vlogging. Not only that, but they’re successful at it. YouTube is a fantastic platform that can [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday – Oh, the Things These Eyes Have Seen

I realize that some Europeans may well consider that Americans are….prudes when it comes to swimwear and/or nudity. Let me tell you, given what I have seen today, this is NOT a bad thing. I would have appreciated a shared sentiment of prudishness when I saw the 60+ nana poolside…topless. Or the very, very, VERY [Read On]

I Know Its Only Tuesday…but it Feels Like A Week Of Mondays

Today was, quite simply put, a mess.  I managed to walk the dog and go to the gym before getting a call from the school asking me to come in and bring Boo some painkiller for his tooth. I took one look at him, and brought him home – he looked miserable. And when the [Read On]

Substitutions Allowed

We took the Hubs out for a belated birthday lunch this past weekend. While waiting for our food to arrive, Boo and Pea were drawing pictures (because, of course, I carry a small unlined notepad and pack of 12 mini washable Crayola markers. Doesn’t everyone?) Pea had completed the drawing of herself and was beginning [Read On]

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