The Gallery: Phone Photos

I love my iPhone. It is a constant companion (much to my husband’s chagrin, I’m quite certain). While I don’t actually use it as a phone all that often, I DO text, tweet, Facebook and pin things. I often Google on the go. I take notes; I track WeightWatchers points. And I take photos: Camera [Read On]

Christmas in My House

Okaaayyyyy…so there are about a gazillion blog posts rehashing Christmas….but since my family is far, far away, and not everyone is on Facebook, humor me a little, ‘kay? My kidlings blessed us with the gift of sleep – surprisingly, they didn’t wake us up until about 7 am, which I’m still not sure if I [Read On]

The Gallery: My Awesome Photo

I have a headache. Tara over at Sticky Fingers posted a really fun – and seemingly easy prompt for this week’s Gallery post : “My Awesome Photo”.  I mean, how hard could it be? Photography is probably my favorite hobby, but I’m no professional. I settled in with my Mac and a cup of tea [Read On]

Silent Sunday

The Gallery: Animals

This week’s topic for The Gallery is “Animals”. Easy, right? But. We were also charged with trying to “think outside the box”, and maybe not just post photos of our pets. Fine. I found so many pictures…let’s just say that I take a lot of pictures…and especially of sheep. I’m surrounded by sheep. When we [Read On]

Colors of La Boqueria

I dragged a reluctant husband and one tired child (Boo) and one surprisingly bouncy child (Pea) down Las Ramblas in Barcelona yesterday because I wanted to see La Boqueria. It was completely worth the long, crowded walk ( although I’m ultimately pleased with our hotel choice in the less crowded L’Eixample neighborhood.) The market was [Read On]

The Gallery: Have Bags, Will Travel

I love to travel. Love. It. At least, I did, when I was on my own…or with the Hubs. Then, we had babies. Traveling with babies can be like traversing the 6th level of hell, especially with babies that are slaves to routine. And, let’s face it, you can’t throw a handful of clothes in [Read On]

The Gallery: My Weekend

As you may know, I spent this last weekend in London attending the Cybermummy conference. Not that you could tell from my photos. I barely have any. This, coming from the gal that bought a Canon G11 point-and-shoot to keep in her handbag simply because toting around the big DSLR in my handbag was putting [Read On]

The Gallery: Chillin’ Out

I’m a Type-A kinda gal. I probably need to “chill out” a bit more than I do. When I do need to take a break, my FAV place is my big, comfy chair. Curled up with a book, a cuppa, and a biscuit. Or two. (Don’t judge.)  Add an afghan if its chilly, and maybe [Read On]

Wordless Wednesday: Her Newest Find (Momma Said No)

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