Show Me Saturdays: What I See

    Most mornings, this is the first thing I see when I open my eyes. There is no need for an alarm clock. Her stomach is more accurate than an atomic clock. On days when my husband is home, she leaves me to sleep. She knows if she tries, I will roll over and [Read On]

Saturday is Caption Day

At the Hay Festival earlier this week, Pea discovered this BIG head, a gift to the Festival from Mexico. (Wouldn’t a cake have done just as well?) Pea found it quite grouchy looking, and I think their shared expression needs a caption!!!   Now, head on over to Mammasaurus for more captioning fun!

The Gallery – Picture Postcard

I am a self-confessed photo junkie. My children are quite used to hearing “wait a minute, Mummy needs her camera” and “oooh, smile for me!”.  When I grow up, I’d like to be a photographer. Or a picture book illustrator. Or a baker…. But for now, I just take pictures for fun. A lot of [Read On]

Saturday is Caption Day!

I caught my daughter hamming it up at National Sea Life Aquarium in Birmingham recently. This one is begging for a caption so give it your best go! If you aren’t captioned out, the head back to  Mammsaurus for more captioning fun!!!

The Gallery: Morning

I had to capture my happy, smiling daughter as she got ready for school one morning this past week. In all honesty, Pea is NOT a morning person, at least, not on any days where we have to wake her up. (If she wakes up on her own, she is cheerful as the birds.) This [Read On]

Her Alter Ego….Captured

My daughter is adorable. I will admit this freely, not solely based on parental pride but on the simple fact that she is really IS cute. I mean, seriously — look at that face! But. THIS is the face her teachers see. This is the face her friends see. This is the face that I [Read On]

The Gallery: Landscapes

I love the view from my back garden. The garden itself is very different from the last house we lived in – it being a more traditional English garden setting, full of flowers and beds, had high walls, so we didn’t need to look beyond much.  This one is, well, pretty darn bare. It looks [Read On]

A Family Story

I’m really grumpy with Tara at Sticky Fingers this last week. Her Gallery theme – the Family Story – was a bit nightmarish, and not just because any family photos that basically predate my kids are in storage in Chicago. (A stupid move, I know….) Telling a family story in just one picture? :sighs:  My [Read On]

The Gallery: Me. Right Now.

 Oh, how I hate seeing pictures of myself. This works out that I don’t actually take many of my self, and if I do (and can manage it) they are edited to the point of practically not being me.  So when I saw Tara’s Gallery theme this week…I’ll be honest – I cringed.  And about [Read On]

The Gallery: My Photography Resolution

I hate resolutions, mostly because I don’t stick to them. Still, I can’t be mad at Tara for making this week’s theme for The Gallery “My Photography Resolution” because I’m pretty sure I kind of made a similar one already. And no, I’m not doing so well with it, either. However, in that same post, [Read On]

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