Happy Birthday to my Hubs

Dear Pete, Today is your birthday. I made you a cake, chocolate (my your favorite), but don’t have much to offer you in the gift department – not because your birthday is so close to Christmas in as much as because you are not a materialistic person, and so you never ask for much. (Unlike [Read On]

Happy birthday to the Hubs!

Birthdays close to Christmas must be anticlimactic, I’ve always thought. For my poor Hubs, this year it was practically a non-event. I did manage to bake him a cake. (Ok, from a mix, but its a cake. A MOIST cake. Which I have yet to taste over here….) Due to safety regulations and lack of [Read On]

Happy Anniversary to Me (and Hubs)

Gotta get the Hubs in there – it takes two to make a marriage work! Today is our 6 year anniversary! Time has flown by (probably because we have a 5 year old). Yes, go ahead, do the math – we had one of the shortest honeymoon periods on record, I’m sure. Say what you [Read On]

Happy Birthday, my darling husband!

Happy Birthday, Pete! Today, my wonderful husband turned 45. (Yes, I married an older man!) However, due to local fire regulations, we could only put 4 + 5 candles on his cake. Well, that and it was smallish to begin with. (But from Cold Stone Creamery, so acceptable.) All kidding aside, I am blessed to [Read On]