The Woes of Perfectionism

When I told her that Daddy was ready to talk to her on FaceTime, she burst into tears and fled the room. With raised eyebrows and no lack of exasperation, I handed the iPad to my son and headed to her bedroom where she was sobbing into her pillow. I settled on the bed next to [Read On]

DIY means “Dad…..It’s (all) Yours!”

When I was younger and single, my father constantly offered the advice: “Marry a tradesman. They can fix stuff.” Instead, I married a salesman. We tend to fix a lot of things with our chequebook. I did, however, come into my marriage with more tools than my husband. The power tools were all mine, although [Read On]

The symmetrical girl

It was the end of the day, and time for bedtime reading. We have a blanket chest at the foot of our bed where the kids typically set their reading folders; piled high on it were our pillow shams and various throw pillows. There wasn’t much room left, so when the Hubs set Pea’s book [Read On]

Motherhood is one tough gig

You know, my blog name was a no-brainer — motherhood has been a tougher gig than I ever anticipated. Every accomplishment, success, making it to through the day I’ve seen has been the product of sweat, tears (lots of tears), joy and love. Motherhood is a tricky place for a type-A perfectionist. It’s a tougher [Read On]

R.I.P. Noodles

We experienced a loss this weekend: Noodles, Pea’s longtime penguin friend. Sadly, it was also his birthday – we had just sung him “happy birthday” (in English, of course, because he wouldn’t understand the Welsh version, apparently) earlier that morning over Melissa & Doug wooden cupcakes. Pea and Noodles met at Brookfield Zoo in 2007, [Read On]

You know you’re a rookie mom when….

Ok, so babies do NOT come with owners manuals. They should, but they don’t….and the myriad of parenting books – all which contradict each other – are no substitute. Of course, every other experienced mother (and mother-in-law) out there will be more than happy to give you THEIR advice, solicited or not. Still, you know [Read On]

Substitutions Allowed

We took the Hubs out for a belated birthday lunch this past weekend. While waiting for our food to arrive, Boo and Pea were drawing pictures (because, of course, I carry a small unlined notepad and pack of 12 mini washable Crayola markers. Doesn’t everyone?) Pea had completed the drawing of herself and was beginning [Read On]

The perfect kiss

True to her perfectionist streak, lately Pea has been focused on “the perfect kiss”. Lips puckered, the kissers top and bottom lips much match up to the kissee’s top and bottom lips exactly so. Off a bit, she gets dismissive. “That wasn’t pewr-fect”. Sometimes, you might get a second chance. Most times, she turns away [Read On]

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