A Morning in Barcelona, or How I Nearly Missed The Big Picture

We started our day with a visit to what must be Barcelona’s most famous building, the Sagrada Familia. Work on this Roman Catholic church began in 1883 and is still ongoing – a point with which Boo was extraordinarily impressed (but any building surrounded by tower cranes is a sight to behold, at least in [Read On]

The Simplicity of Childhood

This afternoon, after checking in at our hotel and wandering out for a bite to eat, we went for a walk in the neighborhood. After a morning of travel with a lot of “behave…or else” threats hanging over their heads, the kidlings needed to blow off some steam. We found a lovely park with a [Read On]

Silent Sunday


She Sure Looks Yummy

Travelling to Vienna and being without a proper Wi-Fi connection for nearly a week (I say proper because, theoretically, the hotel had one – it simply did NOT like my Macbook), I somewhat lost my blogging mojo. I am ever-so-determined to get back on track, as I have lovely photos and fun stories to recount. [Read On]

Wordless Wednesday: Her Newest Find (Momma Said No)

Flashback Friday – the Fashionista

At 18 months, Pea was already showing signs of being a fashionista. When this bag (a Not Rational cargo bag) arrived in the mail, she petted it. For hours.  (Not that I blame her. It did smell lovely and was smooshy soft.) Yes, she IS drooling on my handbag. I should have known that this [Read On]

Meet Big Head Dolly (otherwise known as “Nancy”)

On her fifth birthday, Pea received a lovely gift from Mimi: For a while, Pea simply referred to her as “Big Head Dolly”. Not very personal, but apt. I suggested that maybe she should find Big Head Dolly a name. She said she’d think about it. At first glance, Big Head Dolly has a very [Read On]

A Letter to my Daughter on her 5th Birthday

Dear Pea, My darling, beautiful, infuriating and charming daughter, how you have grown up this year! It has been a  year of changes, adventure and struggle: from the excitement of moving up to “big” school with your bestie, Jessica, to the anticipation and sheer joy of meeting your favorite princess, to the sadness and confusion [Read On]

R.I.P. Noodles

We experienced a loss this weekend: Noodles, Pea’s longtime penguin friend. Sadly, it was also his birthday – we had just sung him “happy birthday” (in English, of course, because he wouldn’t understand the Welsh version, apparently) earlier that morning over Melissa & Doug wooden cupcakes. Pea and Noodles met at Brookfield Zoo in 2007, [Read On]

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