So Why Can’t She Remember to Turn Off Her Bedroom Light?

The other day,  as I was loading up the dishwasher I noticed Pea gazing at me thoughtfully. “Mummy…” she began. I put the last plate in the drawer and turned to listen to her. She had “the look” on her face – the one she wears when she has contemplating something and I was curious [Read On]

Willy…or Won’t He?

My daughter is very proud of her latest crafty creation… Um…a dog? No – it’s a dragon, right?? No… It’s an alien. A boy alien. * * * * * “That’s its willy”, she announces. I squint. “um..this?” “No, Mummy! That’s his leg. THIS is his willy!” Silly mummy. I didn’t ask her why she [Read On]

Tooth Fairies

You’ve likely never seen a child more excited to have lost a tooth. Pea was giddy – GIDDY, I tell you. This is a “Yay, the Tooth Fairy is coming” kind of moment. She lost her tooth, as one does sometimes, while she was at school. Well, lost isn’t exactly the word, since she pulled [Read On]

Upon Further Thought

With regards to my Santa list dilemma with Pea, I’m inclined to give up the battle and work with HER wish list…so long as I Santa gives her a big pad of paper, card stock, markers (washable, thankyouverymuch) and more craft supplies, because I want more creations like this: How can you say “no” when [Read On]


When Pea comes home from school, the first thing she does is change out of her school uniform. There is no question as to whether or not she will change clothes, but one of what she should put on. This may possibly drive her to tears of frustration, so wrought with indecision or lack of [Read On]

Silent Sunday

A Brief Question for a Tuesday Morning

It’s only 8:30 on the second day of school, and already, I’m eyeballing the Baileys. Has it ever crossed your mind that the tantrums you endure could be a harbinger of something worse to come? Like being killed in your sleep, suffocated by a stuffed unicorn named Pinky? Yeah, me neither. I don’t know what [Read On]

Silent Sunday

Inspiration comes from somewhere…but…

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that Pea can be…fastidious. Tidy? OCD. Organized. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise if I tell you she wears days-of-the-week underpants. In the proper order. Without missing any days. She finally outgrew her last set, so we broke out [Read On]

Silent Sunday