On Turning Eight: A Letter for my Daughter on her Birthday

A creak in the floor. A giggle. The sound of footsteps creeping down the stairs, much too late after a bedtime that was already later than normally allowed. Two eight-year-old faces peek around the doorway, hoping for a late night snack. Ok, one eight-year-old face, and one just hours away from turning eight. You are [Read On]

Reasons My Daughter Is Crying

One of the funniest Tumblr pages I’ve seen recently is Reasons My Son Is Crying.  I can relate to the accurate and hilarious captions given to the photos of…well….the author’s crying son. Don’t judge me. They really are funny, perhaps due to the honesty of the shots — don’t our children totally lose their tops [Read On]

A (Belated) Letter To My Daughter on Her 7th Birthday

My beautiful, charming, infuriating, lovely daughter: At church this morning, I saw a 3-year-old that reminded me of you when you were little: stripey tights, frilly dress, cowboy boots, hair in pigtails, and a smile poking out from behind her binkie. She impishly peered over her dad’s shoulder from the communion rail. A little bit [Read On]

Silent Sunday

In Her World….

Last night at dinner, the kids were making up stories. Pea begain with “I’m a princess…” and Boo interrupted with “You always say you’re a princess…but you’re not a princess!!!!” to which Pea primly replied, “In my world, I am!!!” Gotta love that girl….

The Gallery: Delicate

This week’s Gallery theme is “Delicate”. I could take the obvious route with this one and post a photo of a fading flower, or a dew-kissed spiderweb in the early morning hours, but as I’m just returning from a two-week holiday, the first week of which was in an environment that posed its own unique [Read On]

The symmetrical girl

It was the end of the day, and time for bedtime reading. We have a blanket chest at the foot of our bed where the kids typically set their reading folders; piled high on it were our pillow shams and various throw pillows. There wasn’t much room left, so when the Hubs set Pea’s book [Read On]

Her Alter Ego….Captured

My daughter is adorable. I will admit this freely, not solely based on parental pride but on the simple fact that she is really IS cute. I mean, seriously — look at that face! But. THIS is the face her teachers see. This is the face her friends see. This is the face that I [Read On]

A Letter to my Daughter on her 6th Birthday

Dear Pea, Today is your sixth birthday. When did you get to be such a big girl? Everything about you is BIG – your personality, your vocabulary, your creativity. And maybe, your temper. But that’s ok, we’re working on that, along with making my patience, well, bigger too. Another thing that is BIG is your [Read On]

Next Year, I’m Buying a Cake. Really.

For the fourth year running, Pea has asked for a doll cake. Heaven help me. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had any discernible talent at cake decorating. Unfortunately, like many other things, while I have excellent ideas and great enthusiasm, I have very little natural ability. In fact, the primary reason why I [Read On]

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