PediaQ Launches Free Nurse Help Line Throughout Texas

If you are a parent, you’ve likely had a child come home from school feeling poorly. You also know what a hassle it is if you have other little ones at home and need to see a doctor. Likewise, I hate having to take the kids into a waiting room during flu season, because it always feels [Read On]

I’m on Mamalode today!

Nothing to look at here today – because I’m over on Mamalode talking about the need to give our kids a gentle push (and then back away and let them go).   I won’t be shy…please go check out my essay! I’ll love you even more if you leave a comment there!!!!!

Tips to Keep Your Young Athlete Hydrated

I received product from BODYARMOR in exchange for sharing my thoughts. I was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions remain my own. #BlogginMamas  When my son got out of our car yesterday after soccer training, he said “EW” as he looked at the pool of sweat on the leather seat. I looked at the jug of water he [Read On]

Zootopia: Why We All Should See This Movie

Today I took my daughter to see Disney’s recently released “Zootopia”. At one point, my daughter may have set aside her popcorn and quietly taken my hand. At the end of it, I might have teared up, just a little. But probably not for the usual reasons. (Or more accurately, in addition to the usual reasons.) [Read On]

Protect our Athlete’s Noggins with Remove From Play Testing.

When my son got into the minivan after training last week, his 11-year-old face was streaked with worry for a fellow teammate. “He hit his head on the goalpost tonight. Right on the temple! I could hear it. He was down for like, two minutes. What if he has a concussion?” My kiddo and his friend and [Read On]

Teaching Compassion in Sports

The longer my son plays soccer, the more one thing becomes clear: we, parents as a whole, have a lot to learn (and teach) in terms of compassion and team sports. At one recent tournament, over even the voices of the parents on our sidelines came the voice of a father on an adjacent field, [Read On]

Thoughts On Praise (Or, Your Kid Is Awesome)

It was the cocked hip and cocky head shake from the sixth grader surrounded by second graders that caught my attention.   She got a little to up-in-your-face with one of the little girls. “Did you just say “look at her pants?” Yeah, this is my costume. I do hip-hop, and this is what we [Read On]

At the End of the Break….Neatness Rules

At the end of a longer-than-usual Christmas break, one which we have spent a LOT more time indoors than we ever anticipated, you would expect I might be spending the next few days tidying up. But, those same overly single-minded, focused and organized traits that cause frustrations for my kids – be it math, how [Read On]

Thank goodness for Elves and great-grandfathers (dead or alive).

Two days into December, and I forget to move the elf. And it’s ok, for a change. Let me explain… The night before, shortly after putting the kids to bed, we hear sobs coming from upstairs. Listening, we determine it is Miss M, who was tired but seemingly fine just minutes before.  Confused, I make [Read On]


There is a word in our house that is not allowed. stu·pid adjective \ˈstü-pəd, ˈstyü-\ Definition of STUPID 1        a : slow of mind : obtuse b : given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner c : lacking intelligence or reason : brutish   It has never been acceptable, and we treat it like a dirty word. I do not [Read On]