So Why Can’t She Remember to Turn Off Her Bedroom Light?

The other day,  as I was loading up the dishwasher I noticed Pea gazing at me thoughtfully. “Mummy…” she began. I put the last plate in the drawer and turned to listen to her. She had “the look” on her face – the one she wears when she has contemplating something and I was curious [Read On]

Willy…or Won’t He?

My daughter is very proud of her latest crafty creation… Um…a dog? No – it’s a dragon, right?? No… It’s an alien. A boy alien. * * * * * “That’s its willy”, she announces. I squint. “um..this?” “No, Mummy! That’s his leg. THIS is his willy!” Silly mummy. I didn’t ask her why she [Read On]

I’m Not Laughing

The following should be a happy, make me laugh Monday kind of post. But it’s not. (Sorry.) Because I’m a tad aggravated. I have a few clear priorities when I book a hotel: family friendly. Good location. Breakfast included. (when you’re travelling with kids, you REALLY don’t need to sort out a breakfast place, too.) [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday: Little Buddha

As I mentioned yesterday, we took my parents into London for a few days sightseeing before they returned to the U.S.   I love museums, and the kids were keen on seeing some mummies, so we went to the British Museum. Of course, none of my previous visits the British museum had been on a Sunday. [Read On]

And Then My Heart Stopped

Its been a shaky start to half-term hols.  This morning, I loaded up the rental van (who names a car brand a “Seat”, anyway?) with my parents, Boo and Pea (the Hubs stayed home to puppy-sit and work) and headed south-west to Pembrokeshire. Let me start by saying that travelling is a challenge when your [Read On]

(Other) Things that Go Bump

So, I’m sitting here, blogging away like the happy little gal I am….and I hear a weird…noise. I poke my head into the hallway. Nothing there. No Boo creeping down the stairs. We don’t have a cat. I’m pretty sure we killed all the mice. We have an ant problem in the kitchen, but I haven’t [Read On]


If anyone is looking for the sand from the school playground – it is here on my hallway floor…. …and in Boo’s shoes….and in Pea’s underpants…and on the bathroom floor… Seriously, you could do a softshoe dance in my hallway. (I know, I did…step, step, shuffle slide…) Despite my ear-splitting “NOOOOOOOooooooooooo!” every single day after [Read On]

Things that Go Bump

Last night, the Hubs and I sat having a drink and watching a movie. Typical Saturday night, right? From somewhere in the house, we heard a “thump”. The Hubs thought it sounded like a door closing. I went upstairs, poked my head in both rooms. No one was moving….I came back downstairs. “It sounded like [Read On]

On Driving in Wales at Night

Its dark. Frickin dark. And, yes, the roads are still winding, twisty, and people drive 70+ MPH. Did I mention it very dark? Having a difficult time typing right now; my fingers are cramped from the death-grip I had on the steering wheel.

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