A dog of a day

I’m going to write about something pointless and only mildly annoying, because i have more annoying things…um…annoying me, and i am trying not to think of them, lest my head explodes. Or something. This is my back garden. (There isn’t much “garden” to our garden, true.)On the other side of those hedges, there are sheep [Read On]

What Would It Take?

I am a homebody. I do not like change. No, seriously: I really, really, don’t do well with change. It doesn’t mesh well with self-doubt and uncertainty, you know. I stayed in a job YEARS longer than I should of because I was afraid that the alternative would be even worse than the current situation [Read On]

How to alienate oneself from the neighbors

Husband: “Boo, come quick, I think I hear another horse coming down the street”.Boo runs to join Husband at garden gate, when… Woman passes, walking heavily on too-big shoes, glaring at Husband. OOPS. Yes, dear – that taste in your mouth IS foot.

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